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Paul Sutton

“A blatant revenue grab”

This was the reaction from Kevin Brady, Chairman of the US House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee, to the announcement in last week’s budget in the UK regarding the proposed introduction of a ‘Digital Services Tax’: “The United Kingdom’s introduction of a new tax targeting cross-border digital services – which mirrors a similar …
Paul Sutton

Should Intercompany Agreements be put in place between a ‘parent’ company and its own permanent establishment / branch?

This question came up again last week on a transfer pricing project (many thanks to AH and NA for raising it!). The issue was how the relationship between ‘parent’ company and its own branch / permanent establishment (PE) should be documented – and specifically the use of a memorandum vs a document in the style of an agreement. The first and most …
Xiaofang Sutton

The Chinese Mums in Business Club is Launched

In June 2018, I was most delighted to co-launch the Chinese Mums in Business Club (CMIBC) with my amazing Co-Founder, Sally Maier-Yip. The CMIBC is an independent networking organisation for Chinese (and culturally Chinese) mums in business, either running their own business or working in an organisation, in the UK and worldwide. Through our annual …
Paul Sutton

A slightly embarrassing one for the legal profession

One of the questions we asked at a private discussion group we co-hosted earlier this year was: what’s the biggest hurdle which large corporates face when putting in place intercompany agreements for Transfer Pricing compliance? The response from the head of TP of a well-known brand was: our lawyers constantly amending and adding to each others’ …