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Paul Sutton

What has 2019 meant to us?

While we are excited about where our plans for 2020 will take us, our team has also reflected on what we have achieved in 2019, and what 2019 has meant to us. Learning You might think that with over 50 years’ combined experience of managing cross-border projects, we would know all there is to be known about the legal implementation of international …
Paul Sutton

Free Webinar: How Distributed Ledger Technology can Streamline Intercompany Financing Transactions

Most people have heard of Blockchain, primarily in the context of cryptocurrencies. In fact, Blockchain is just one kind of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), which can streamline processes and provide high level information security. For these and other reasons, DLT can be a powerful tool for managing intercompany financial transactions. In this …
Paul Sutton

Not an article about transfer pricing

This post is not about transfer pricing. It’s about what the transfer pricing and tax community has enabled us to give. We’ve wanted to get involved in donating books for schools for a while now. Partly, this was inspired by my wife and co-founder Xiaofang’s experience of growing up in China – and the importance of helping children (and especially …
Paul Sutton

PRESS RELEASE: LCN Legal announces first ever online platform for the creation of bilingual intercompany agreements for transfer pricing

LCN Legal is delighted to announce the launch of its new ‘Fast Track’ service for the creation of intercompany agreements for Transfer Pricing compliance. Benefitting from LCN Legal’s world-leading expertise in Intercompany Agreements and feedback from a global community of leading transfer pricing professionals, the new Fast Track service is …
Paul Sutton

LCN Legal In The News: Accountancy Age

We are delighted to have an article published in Accountancy Age Accountancy Age’s content focuses on the key issues across core topics, including tax, technology, regulation, business and the economy, producing the insight needed to drive forward businesses and enable accountants to become key strategic advisers to their clients. The article, …