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Paul Sutton

LCN Legal Press Release: Tenfold increase in fines from transfer pricing enquiries in two years

HMRC placing greater emphasis on transfer pricing compliance Profit Diversion Compliance Facility launched in January to encourage multinationals to settle their tax affairs The amount in fines imposed by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) on multinational businesses in relation to transfer pricing irregularities has jumped tenfold over the last two years, …
Paul Sutton

Sector-focused private discussion groups on intercompany governance and intercompany agreements for Transfer Pricing compliance

We will shortly be announcing a series of private discussion groups on the practicalities of intercompany governance and intercompany agreements for Transfer Pricing compliance, each focussed on a particular sector, and each for CFOs or similar professionals within multinational groups. The relevant sectors are: Aviation Consulting Marketing and Advertising …
Paul Sutton

International Corporate Structures Newsletter – January 2018

In this issue: Get in Shape 2018 Case study: The impact of financial records and subsidiary governance on Transfer Pricing risks Top ten 80’s fitness icons Interview with B A Baracus from the ‘A’ Team Evolution of an Icon: Arnold Schwarzenegger To download your copy, click on the image below. If you would like to receive a printed copy every month, …
Paul Sutton

International Corporate Structures Newsletter – December 2017

In this issue: • Winter is Here • How to negotiate with the White Walkers (Tax Inspectors) • Can you re-write history and not get your head chopped off? Asks Lord Eddard Stark • The LCN Legal interview: Jon Snow • Evolution of an Coporation: Game of Thrones • Are you fit to rule like a Queen? Take Mother-of-Dragons Danaerys ‘Stormborn’ …