Learn what your peers are doing to achieve legal substance in their transfer pricing compliance, how to achieve tax audit ready intercompany agreements, and how to avoid some of the costly mistakes which large corporates make in their legal documentation.

Places are free, but are allocated on a first come, first served basis. Reserve your place using the links below, or email us at info@lcnlegal.com to be placed on the waiting list for future events.

LCN Legal Webinar: Intangibles and Intellectual Property: how to manage Intercompany Agreements for Transfer Pricing compliance

This webinar is for finance, tax, transfer pricing, legal and compliance professionals, and focusses on the treatment of intangible assets and intellectual property in the context of intercompany agreements for Transfer Pricing compliance

Webinar on Demand: Limited Risk Distributors – Legal Implementation of TP Compliance

Let Paul Sutton, our co-founder, guide you through the essentials for ensuring legal substance in your transfer pricing compliance in a highly practical 30 minute webinar. Register now and watch on-demand.

On Demand

Webinar on Demand: Transfer Pricing Audits in India

This webinar provides practical insights on handling Transfer Pricing audits in India and features Munjal Almoula, Transfer Pricing Partner at Grant Thornton in India as the guest speaker. Webinar attendees will gain an understanding of: - The audit process in India, including audit triggers and procedural matters which are specific to India - Typical issues for multinational groups, such as aggregation of transactions, manufacturing and distribution arrangements, royalties, management fees, marketing intangibles and R&D considerations - Practical approaches for managing Transfer Pricing risks, including the success of APAs in India.

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A Short Introduction to Intercompany Agreements for Transfer Pricing Compliance

Webinar participants will learn: - The basics of intercompany agreements - What the OECD TP Guidelines say about contractual assumption of risk - The key points on timing, risk and backdating - 5 common misconceptions about intercompany agreements - Typical mistakes - How we help - How to get free resources and additional information

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LCN Legal – Adjoint Webinar: How Distributed Ledger Technology will Change The Way We Document Intercompany Transactions

Guest speaker discussion considering the ways in which distributed ledger technology will change the way group companies share data and document intercompany transactions.

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Arendt-LCN Legal Webinar on Transfer Pricing – Managing the New Tax Risks for Private Equity Businesses

We are delighted to have hosted a webinar with guest speaker Danny Beeton, of Arendt on the subject of transfer pricing in the context of private equity businesses. The webinar considers: - The risks faced by private equity businesses in a developing transfer pricing landscape - The benefits of effective transfer pricing planning for private equity businesses, including the avoidance of disputes and penalties - How to implement effective transfer pricing planning

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