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Our journey to carbon negative

At LCN Legal we take our environmental responsibilities seriously, and want to do everything we can. Our ultimate goal is to become carbon negative: to remove more carbon from the atmosphere than we emit.

As a first step, we have become ‘Carbon neutral’. This means that we use carbon offsetting to balance out our emissions. The next step will be ‘Carbon net zero’ – that is, to actively reduce our carbon emissions to the lowest possible amount, and then using offsetting to compensate for whatever unavoidable emissions remain.

Carbon Offset certificate 2023 Because we all work from home, it is difficult to precisely calculate what our current carbon emissions are. We use the broadest measure: the full emissions of each employee’s household. We use carbonfootprint.com to calculate the figure – currently about 70 tonnes of CO2 per year.

In the initiative’s early years we offset that by donating the appropriate amount to a UK tree-planting programme. Now, we support a global portfolio of verified carbon reduction projects.

These are just the first steps in our journey towards carbon negative. We’ll update this page whenever we make progress.

If you have any insights, guidance or advice, we’d love to hear them. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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