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Paul Sutton

Coronavirus Q&A: Can a force majeure clause in an intercompany agreement justify a period of no mark up for a UK service company?

I thought you might be interested in a question we received last week from an international tax adviser. I’ve set out the question and our answer below. Q: We’re having a number or enquiries from US headquartered groups regarding adjusting TP with UK service companies. I was wondering whether a force majeure clause in an IC agreement could justify …
Paul Sutton

Free DAC6 preliminary assessment tool

Sometimes it feels like hard work to keep pushing forward. I have to admit that when I first heard about DAC6, my first reaction was ‘what now?’ And then when I started reading into it, my second reaction was ‘this is a complete nightmare.’ (In case you haven’t come across this little beauty yet, DAC6 is an EU regime which requires the reporting …