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Paul Sutton

A slightly embarrassing one for the legal profession

One of the questions we asked at a private discussion group we co-hosted earlier this year was: what’s the biggest hurdle which large corporates face when putting in place intercompany agreements for Transfer Pricing compliance? The response from the head of TP of a well-known brand was: our lawyers constantly amending and adding to each others’ …
Paul Sutton

How to major in minor things

Here’s an experiment you can do if you’re a parent, after a weekend with your children: remember how many things they have done which triggered inappropriately intense emotions in you. Here are some of the things on my list: Leaving the tops off felt tip pens Colouring themselves with felt tip pens Colouring walls with felt tip pens Having an unwiped, …
Paul Sutton

How I got lucky at Chateau Sutton

It’s been a tense few days here at Chateau Sutton. You might have already gathered that I’m not known for my home improvement skills. Winter is clearly just around the corner, and the radiator thermostat in the ‘toy room’ on the top floor has been broken since last winter. My boss Xiaofang was not happy about that. I decided to take a chance …
Paul Sutton

Homer Simpson and me

Self delusion is an important skill, and one which I share with Homer Simpson in many aspects of my life. Sometimes this requires intense effort, such as at passport renewal time – when it’s increasingly hard to deny the fact that I’m not as quite youthful-looking as my photo from 10 years ago. Some large corporates seem to be equally adept at …