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Paul Sutton

Case study on TP and customs compliance: impact of alternative payment flows and the treatment of advertising costs

The following article is part of a series of case studies which have been kindly contributed by Dr Harold McClure, a New-York based economist who has advised in the area of transfer pricing for many years. In an earlier paper on the application of the modified Resale Price Method (MRPM) for customs valuation purposes, I note:[1] Transfer pricing practitioners …
Paul Sutton

Do you have a protocol for handling TP audits?

One of the things I love about attending conferences like TP Minds International last week, is that (as an adviser) you get insights into the real-life practicalities of managing TP risks, as opposed to just high level theory and crystal ball-gazing. One of the polling questions we asked on the panel session I hosted on TP audits was ‘Do you have …
Paul Sutton

A common misconception amongst tax and TP professionals

One misconception that we hear time and time again from well-meaning TP advisers is the recommendation of putting variables such as mark-up percentages in an appendix to an intercompany agreement, ‘so that they can be updated easily.’ The idea is apparently that the relevant page can just be ‘swapped out’ on an annual basis. It doesn’t take …