How to create effective Intercompany Agreements

A free guide to implementing intercompany agreements for a multinational group

This guide is for you if you are a Tax or Transfer Pricing professional and you want to put in place appropriate intercompany agreements for a multinational group.

This does not have to be complicated. But, like anything else, it needs to be properly planned and implemented. And it does not get easier if you put it off. In fact, it gets harder and more expensive, because then you are trying to backdate arrangements in a hurry.

The guide is based on our experience of putting in place intercompany agreements for a wide range of large, multinational corporates.

Topics include:

  • The basic requirements of intercompany agreements.
  • How to choose the best format for intercompany agreements.
  • A 10-point checklist for reviewing intercompany agreements.
  • A case study showing how this works. This is based on an anonymised real-life example.

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About us

LCN Legal is a law firm, which is authorised by the Solicitors Regulation Authority in England and Wales. We are specialists in the legal implementation of group structures, and this includes intercompany agreements. We don’t advise on tax, and we don’t carry out comparables research.

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Our team has advised FTSE100 and Fortune 500 companies on projects involving over £12.8 billion of assets. We contribute to the LexisNexis online resources on transfer pricing, as well was various other publications such as Financial Director Magazine, Practical Law Magazine, Practical European Tax Strategies, International Accountant, Tax Journal, Estates Review, Butterworths Journal of International Banking & Financial Law. We regularly present training sessions to major accounting firms, large corporates and banks on a range of corporate law issues.

Choose the level of legal support you need

If you need help putting in place intercompany agreements for your group, we offer different levels of support, depending on your needs.

Option 1: Template intercompany agreements for each type of supply within your group, tailored to suit your specific needs.

Option 2: Tailored intercompany agreements drafted and populated for each specific supply within your group. This usually involves a separate bilateral agreement for each individual intra group supply.

Option 3: Tailored intercompany agreements as for Option 2. In addition, we will project manage and arrange the actual signature of each individual intercompany agreement. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that the agreements have all been properly signed and will be available as evidence if required.