How Wonder Woman smashes legal obstacles and creates sales at lightning speed

This article appears in the November issue of our International Corporate Structures Newsletter.

A well-organised corporate structure is undeniably an essential foundation for any great business. But as Wonder Woman knows, for many businesses, such as providers of maintenance services, software, subscription services, consulting services, and power-by-the hour services, customer contracts are their life blood. Unless a business has the deepest of pockets, the achievement of sales targets is often the number one metric. Yes, service delivery is also critical, but until you’ve made a sale, a customer can’t experience the quality of delivery of your product or service.

For these businesses, the process of converting sales leads into revenue involves more than just selling a proposition to decision-makers. It also involves going through a journey of negotiation and due process to get a contract signed on the dotted line … and to unlock the ongoing cashflow. So legal agreements and lawyers are a necessary (Dr) Evil for superheroes in the sales process.

By the very nature of their training, most lawyers are rightly concerned about spotting issues and risks and generally protecting their clients from unexpected future loss. Even the most commercial of lawyers is unlikely to be focussed on reducing a business’s lead time for converting potential sales into cash. Unfortunately, lawyers are frequently perceived as little more than ‘blockers’ in the sales process, and even those lawyers who are supposed to be on your side can often cause unnecessary delay. At worst, they can kill the deal outright.

Wonder Woman understands how critical lead conversion systems are to our corporate businesses of all sizes. That’s why we’ve worked with her to create a new free report which covers the Six Key Questions for Removing Unnecessary Legal Delays in Your Sales Cycle. We don’t have the space to reproduce it here, but if you email us at, we will gladly send you a copy.

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