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Why do some Western companies succeed and others fail in China?


Intercompany Agreements

15 June 2020

I thought you might be interested to watch this informal interview with China guru Benjamin Schmittzehe on the subject “Why do some Western companies succeed and others fail in China?”.

Ben has some fascinating things to say on questions such as:

  • Why has IKEA done so well in China, whereas B&Q has been a disaster?
  • Why has Nike flourished in China, but Reebok has been far less successful?
  • How can brands (and corporates) adapt to local market conditions in China, while maintaining their core identity and competitive strengths?

You can watch the interview here.

You’ll see that my skills as an interviewer have a lot of room for improvement, but that was one reason for doing this – to take me out of my comfort zone and polish up my presenting skills. The more important reason was that China is in our DNA at LCN Legal, and in order to give our clients the best legal support, we need to understand the wider commercial context.

The interview is part of a series of ‘China Masterclass Webinars’ which we’ve created with Sally Maier-Yip, the founder of a specialist UK / Chinese PR agency called 11k Consulting. The overall theme is creating long-term relationships, trust and value in China. We’ve got some fantastic interviewees in the pipeline, from sectors such as education, luxury retail and real estate.

If you have any suggestions as to people you’d like us to interview, or specific subjects you’d like to cover in relation to doing business China, please reply to this email and let me know. And of course, if you need legal help in managing your projects or your corporate structures in China, my colleagues and I would be delighted to assist.

Article by
Paul Sutton
LCN Legal Co-Founder

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