What we are passionate about

We want to help our clients get results faster, better, and with less hassle.

That means focusing on the end result, such as completing a group reorganisation, closing a fund or completing and integrating an acquisition.

For Chinese clients, we want to help them access the UK and European markets, and give them the confidence that they can achieve their goals. One important way that we do this is by making available useful information that they can trust. And of course putting them in touch with other advisers that we trust.

We want to give our team the same benefits that we enjoy – of a productive, satisfying work life and a healthy, fulfilling personal life.

In order to achieve all those aims, we need to be selective about who we work for and what types of project we take on. This helps us not just to do the legal work better, but also to interact better with the other people who are involved in making the project happen. For group reorganisations, that includes the tax professionals involved. For acquisitions, that includes the sellers and their advisers.