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Operational TP in the Pharma Sector: Automating Cost Allocation and P&L Segmentation, and streamlining ICAs for TP Compliance


Operational TP is hard in any sector. But in Pharma there are particular challenges – including the complexity of R&D cost models, Management Fees and Overheads, and the critical role of intangible assets. In addition, multiple business acquisitions can lead to complex and rapidly changing group structures with multiple entrepreneurs in each region or country.

Given these factors, you might think that the potential benefits of technology solutions in operational TP are greater. But what can tax and TP functions expect from automation?

This private interactive workshop is specifically for in-house tax and TP professionals in the Pharmaceutical sector.

Philippe Paumier, the former Global Head of Transfer Pricing of Sanofi, will share an in-house view of the challenges involved and will air some of the questions which heads of tax and TP need to ask when considering automation.

Michael Stanhope, Practice Director from Praesto Consulting will demonstrate the capabilities that Transfer Pricing Automation solution can provide to reduce Price Setting and Adjustment cycles within the Pharma industry

Paul Sutton, co-founder of LCN Legal, will introduce the discussion, and will explain how to reduce the burden of maintaining effective intercompany agreements – which are the starting point for operational TP.

Free Guide: Effective Intercompany Agreements for TP Compliance