The Perfect Road Safety Poster

It’s Half Term week here at the Sutton Family. Maybe it is with you as well, if you’re involved in that kind of thing. Coco and Norah have a school project to do, which is to create a road safety poster for their school. They remembered it over supper last night, and naturally they wanted to start immediately. Ideally they would have worked on the posters while they were eating, but that wasn’t permitted by the boss (Xiaofang). Within half an hour or so they were finished: two completed posters. No time wasted on planning or um-ing and ah-ing.

Now these were not necessarily the best of all possible posters. But the posters are perfect expressions of who Coco and Norah are right now. And most importantly, there was a complete absence of procrastination and self-doubt.

It’s not difficult to see the lessons there for all of us.

“This is perfect.
This is perfect.
From the perfect springs the perfect.
If the perfect is taken from the perfect,
Only the perfect remains.”
– Ancient Hindu proverb

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