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The LCN Tax Interview: Cass Krygier


16 June 2015

We are delighted to feature an interview with Cass Krygier. Cass is the Group Indirect Tax Manager at Experian, following a career at PwC.

How and why did you get into tax?

It was more by chance than anything. Like many graduates of today, I sought a degree for the academic achievement more than knowing exactly what I wanted to do. Before I knew it, I had graduated and did not know what I wanted to do. Fortunately, I spotted a role at PwC for a tax associate and before I knew it I had been given a role in VAT. I’d obviously done some research before the interview and knew that I’d like it, and since then I’ve never looked back. I enjoy what I do for a living which means then leaving the house each morning is a pleasure, not a chore!

Who has been the most influential role model for your professional life?

I must say therefore that it is my former colleagues and clients that have influenced me the most, but in particular Paul Jackson, who is a director at PwC. His unmeasurable passion for what he does was infectious and it helped instil the passion that I have for what I do now.

What do you see as the biggest trend affecting the tax world over the next 10 years?

I don’t think anyone could have envisaged where we are today ten years ago, but I don’t think the next ten years will be so unpredictable. There seems to be a meeting of minds with the OECD’s work on tax uniformity and in the next ten years I believe that there will be uniformity across the G20 tax regimes (at a minimum), and less opportunity to use favourable tax jurisdictions as a basis for lowering rates of tax. I also foresee a much wider implementation of VAT/GST systems in new territories to be used as a basis for generating additional tax receipts. I am hopeful that OECD may also suggest some uniformity to VAT/GST systems with its indications of VAT being levied based on the destination principle, but that might be just a little too much to ask for!

What is your pet hate when dealing with advisers?

I have some difficulty in answering this question, given that ten weeks ago I was an advisor. However, from my experience (and with hindsight) advisors have an inclination to deliver the technical answer without the practical guidance needed to bring the technical position to life; for someone in-house this is the key part of any deliverable but it is not something that clicks with you until you’re sat on the other side trying to implement that advice.

In a movie of your life story, which actor would you like to play you?

I’m not sure my life is worthy of a movie, but if it were to happen then it would be Samuel L Jackson for sure. He has the ability put a spin on something that can turn a dull event into an interesting one, and I definitely need that!

What would be your dream job if you didn’t work in tax?

A games developer. I love computers but never really got into software coding etc. If I had that skill and was able to develop something that millions of people played every day it would be awesome!

What is your biggest extravagance?

I love movies and so my most recent extravagance has to be the installation of a projector and projector screen at home for watching movies and TV shows. I grateful for my wife in enduring this, but then I have her to thank for my second biggest extravagance, which is holidays!

What do you do to relax?

We’ve got a west highland terrier dog and she is a great excuse for getting the family out for a walk somewhere; living not far from Derbyshire means we’ve got plenty of nice walks to choose from and Matlock Bath is a particular favourite of ours. When the kids are asleep though, it’s the TV that usually helps me switch off (sometimes too much to the annoyance of Mrs K!).

What is your favourite holiday destination?

It depends on the era! Pre-kids it would have to be St Lucia, which is where I went for my honeymoon. Post kids then I think our best holiday so far has been at Antalya, Turkey, so much so that we’re off there again in the summer holidays!

What piece of advice would you give your 16-year-old self?

Save quickly and buy a property as early as possible!

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