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The LCN Interview: Carrie Waley


17 June 2014

We are delighted to feature an interview with Carrie Waley, the Beijing-born founder and CEO of Mandarin Consulting, which provides consultancy services for Chinese jobseekers, Chinese businesses and UK businesses.

Why did you come to UK in the first place?

I married a British barrister working in Hong Kong. He wanted to come home and I followed him.

What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome when you started doing business in the UK?

Only the usual ones like managing staff etc. I am more of an entrepreneur than a professional manager, I find managing people challenging, I am still learning! I don’t find it a British problem, in fact, I find managing Chinese staff more of a problem. I knew British people quite well before I arrived her after working in British companies in Hong Kong for several years.

What do you most like about the UK?

Too many things – probably the inclusiveness and tolerance of the British people, also the sense of humour and I find British people mentally very strong which I admire.

What do you see as the biggest opportunities in the UK for Chinese businesses?

A safe place in terms of political stability and a fair place to compete. Property, technology and luxury brands.

What do you most want Chinese people to know about the UK?

The British people.

What is the best piece of business advice you have been given?

Never give up.

What would be your dream job if you didn’t work in business?

Charity, working either with the very young or the very old. I enjoy helping vulnerable people.

What is your biggest extravagance?

Having my nails and hair done as much as I can by the best professionals!

What is your favourite holiday destination?


What piece of advice would you give your 25-year-old self?

Follow your heart.

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Article by
Paul Sutton
LCN Legal Co-Founder

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