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The 5 inspirational quotes I am living by….


13 July 2018

We are living in a world full of inspirational stories with people who have achieved extraordinary things. In fact, we have always been. Those great people have no limitations on sharing their wisdom with us, the rest of the world. Nowadays, with social media so integrated in our life, it has never been easier for us to have access to or exposed to inspirational quotes. I don't know about you, but I am a big fun of inspirational quotes. I just love the positive energies coming out my heart whenever I am reading them. It makes me feel connected with the people who said the quotes. It strengthens my belief on a daily basis that Life is beautiful and full of miracles. So today, I am sharing some of my all time favourite quotes I am gathering over the past couple of years which have become the light house of my daily life; the reminder of living my life with values and principles close to my heart; most importantly -- living my life with integrity and making a difference in the lives of my children and the people we are associated with.

First thing first, this is the one most close to my heart. It is the constant reminder of the importance of self-acceptance, self-unconditional love. We have all been through the stages of letting ourselves down which leads to self-loath. We just need to constantly remind ourselves that everyone (literally everyone on this planet) is a product in progress.

This is the one which helped me change my paradigm towards life generally. There are always two sides to every story. Sometimes, we can be so stubborn that we are blind with other alternatives while we so focus on our own way of thinking. When you are open to other people's way of thinking and perspectives, it is just like a light in a dark room and leading you to another door which you never know it is there before.

Well, I am sorry for the 'F' word. But it is so true and it is just what we needed majority of the time. We are so used to overwhelming ourselves with our inner fears and countless worries. And we are so allowing ourselves to accept all of the excuses dragging us down. The fun fact is that a lot of what weigh you down isn't yours to carry. So stop worrying how it's going to happen and start believing that it will. AND just F**** Do it! You will be amazed with the result and how much you expand.

OK, Let's be honest with ourselves. We all have some people in our dark closet. If we are allowed legally and morally, we would like them to disappear -- I mean literally disappearing in this planet. And then back to the reality, unfortunately, we can't physically or magically make people disappear. But we can be proactive and control our own thoughts and emotions and decluttering those people out of our life. Make it a point to think intentionally and to be positive. Let go of the past by forgiving yourself and others. It does you no good to hold onto resentment, so forgive and forget and then bless those who you forgave.

Finally, 4 simple rules to have a fulfilling day, everyday. If we can leave the worries about our future to future, be peaceful of our past, focus on all of our energies and time on today, just today. Look for the good in others and try to see the best in all that you do by being accountable for your own actions. You will be amazed by how peaceful and happy you can be and how much you can make progress in the different areas of your life. After all, the Sky is the limit!

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Article by
Xiaofang Sutton

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