Sonia Polden

Sonia Polden - author profile photo

Sonia Polden is the first point of call for anyone contacting LCN Legal. Managing diaries and arranging the accompanying logistical needs of the founders and senior associates of the firm, she is best placed to arrange any meetings, calls, webinars etc. for current and prospective clients.

Being fully conversant with all aspects of the business, Sonia ensures all relevant information is gathered in a timely manner before passing the enquiry on to the relevant associate for further discussions to be held.

With a degree in German and Italian from the University of Bristol, Sonia has enhanced her skills over an expansive career, having worked in various sectors, ranging from companies such as Tesco Head Office, the BBC, Arcadia, Novartis, Sodexo and the National Fostering Agency where she supported a variety of senior Directors and CEOs.

Sonia’s focus at LCN is to ensure the smooth running of the business, to offer support where needed, implement and oversee infrastructures within LCN and to see to it that processes and procedures are followed correctly.

Sonia is always happy to take calls on behalf of the team and is an integral conduit for clients to reach associates.