High net worth individuals

Legal services tailored to the needs of high net worth individuals

LCN Legal helps high net worth individuals to manage their legal affairs, including structures for personal investment, investing in businesses and exiting from investments.

Although we are trusted by large corporates to take care of their legal structure, we have a special focus on working with high net worth individuals. We are experienced in looking after private clients including entrepreneurs, family offices and overseas royalty.

Complete quickly or fail fast

Our aim is to help you complete your project as quickly and smoothly as possible. And if it’s going to fail – because the deal or the structure is not right for you – our aim is to help you to identify that as soon as possible, so that you can move on.

Completing your acquisition or investment is not the end result. It’s just one step on the way. Your objectives may include other aims in addition to the financial return. Those may include supporting a visa application, utilising tax incentives, or acquiring technology which can be used elsewhere. We can help you identify those aims, and we will work alongside the other advisers you need to achieve your objectives.

What our clients say

“We at Goldfield have directly employed Paul’s services both when he was at McGrigors and more recently now that he is a Partner at LCN. On all occasions he has shown us what a top solicitor can do! He is quite simply one of the best we have ever had the pleasure to engage – and we have engaged a fair few in our time! We cannot rate him any higher than we do. Always a pleasure to work with him.”

Leigh Goodman, Entrepreneur and Investor,
Goldfield Partners Limited