Some organisations and individuals need pro-active management of their legal affairs, but do not want to add senior employees to their team. Our outsourced legal management service is perfect for them.

You’ll be assigned a senior lawyer as a single point of contact. That person will take the time to fully understand your objectives, and then deploy LCN Legal’s resources as required to achieve them. Holidays, sickness and other absences are all covered.

We’ll also hold a review meeting quarterly (or more frequently if required) to review the status of your projects and your legal needs.

If you wish, we can also provide expert legal PA resource. This includes services such as secure online storage and retrieval of scanned copies of legal documents; arranging delivery, collection and signature of legal documents; background checks on potential business partners; and so on.

The combination of quality, efficiency and flexibility makes this an attractive option for clients who need senior legal support without the cost and commitment of adding a new permanent employee. Some clients use the service as an effective and convenient way to add legal expertise to their team on an ongoing basis. Others ask us to manage a single substantial task, such as an entity reduction project for example. Typical clients and their requirements include:

  • Multinational groups who need experienced legal support to deal with specialist areas such as maintenance of intercompany agreements for transfer pricing compliance, group reorganisations, legal entity reduction projects and M&A transactions
  • High-growth companies who need ongoing pro-active support from experienced legal counsel with broad experience. Often strategic guidance and hands-on support on matters such as commercial contracts and strategic projects
  • Private equity/VC firms who need to ensure that their portfolio companies’ legal affairs are well managed and are properly prepared for exit
  • Start-ups who need to get their legal and regulatory compliance under control, and also to make themselves more attractive to future investors
  • Family offices and private clients who need help to manage their legal affairs, and to procure a wide range of legal support for family members internationally

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