Our top 5 most-read tax-related articles

If you’re a tax professional and you’re curious about what your tax peers and colleagues might be reading … here’s a run-down of the 5 most visited tax-related articles on our website, based on the number of views so far this year.

According to Google, our website got 2,672 visits in the last month (up from approximately zero at the beginning of this year – something we’re really proud of). And the vast majority of those visits came from unpaid, organic searches.

In true Top-Of-The-Pops style (apologies if you didn’t grow up in the UK!), I’ll give you the list in reverse order, ending with the most read page:

5. Using Quoted Eurobonds to address UK withholding tax

4. When is backdating OK?

3. How to convert from an LLP structure to a corporate structure

2. Template intercompany agreement for R&D services

1. How to put in place effective intercompany agreements for transfer pricing

As you may know, LCN specialises in the legal implementation of corporate and investment structures, especially those with a significant tax element. We don’t give tax advice, and that means that we love to work alongside tax professionals, whether they are in private practice or in-house.

Although we try hard to make available as much useful, plain-English, information as possible, we know we can’t anticipate all the queries which might arise. So if you do have a question or you would like more information about how we can help you, please just pick up the phone, and call us on +44 20 3286 8868. We will be delighted to hear from you.

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