Not an article about transfer pricing

This post is not about transfer pricing. It’s about what the transfer pricing and tax community has enabled us to give.

We’ve wanted to get involved in donating books for schools for a while now. Partly, this was inspired by my wife and co-founder Xiaofang’s experience of growing up in China – and the importance of helping children (and especially girls) understand the possibilities which are available to them.

Last month, we had the opportunity to visit a local school in Xinzheng, Henan Province, talk to some of the teachers and also meet some of the pupils. The visit spurred us to action, and last week our first delivery of books arrived at the school. You can see some of the pictures from that school visit below.

We’ve decided to create a simple pledge for giving back. For every qualifying product sold, LCN Legal will donate 5 new books to a school which lacks adequate reading materials for its pupils. The qualifying products currently comprise the following: ‘fast track’ intercompany agreements,  our toolkit of template intercompany agreements, and our online course in intercompany agreements.

We call it our ‘5 for 1 book pledge’.

So far, we’ve donated just over 180 books. Our goal by summer next year is to be donating 5,000 books per year, and give more children a clearer window on the world.

If this goal resonates with you at all, please get in touch. Maybe you’d like to work with us in sharing our fast track tools to a wider audience, so we can give more. Maybe you’d like to donate books directly, and we can share experiences of handling the logistics. Whatever your interest, we’d love to hear from you. Just email us and let us know.

Curious eyes from the Year 1 students

Overwhelming hospitality from Year 6 students

One of the many gifts we received from the students

Afternoon break – free running and skipping

How can we resist giving – please help us give more


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