Marketing toolkit for property developers: attracting funds from private investors

This article appears in the February edition of our Creating Wealth Through Property Newsletter.

LCN Legal has advised property developers on a range of structures for locking in private investment, enabling our clients to raise hundreds of millions in development capital. Much of our work has involved negotiating bespoke arrangements with investors. Inevitably, not all of those negotiations result in signed agreements. Developers who have a strong investor base are naturally in a much better negotiating position. Although crowdfunding platforms can provide a short-term solution, they can provide poor value for money, and ultimately developers are not in control.

We came to realise that we can help at a much earlier stage, by showing developers how they can manage their own fundraising activities and market themselves to prospective investors, without exposing themselves to legal claims or criminal prosecution. By creating this toolkit, we aim to give more developers the benefit of what works, so that they can significantly increase the scale of their projects – at a much lower cost than would otherwise be the case.

Email us at to request the marketing toolkit to help you to market (advertise) to Ultra High Net Worth Individuals without breaching FCA regulations.