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Live Workshop on 28 April: Intercompany Agreements for Limited Risk Arrangements

Intercompany Agreements

11 April 2022

Thanks very much to everyone who participated in our interactive workshop on financial transactions. You'll find a recording of one of the sessions here.

Our next workshop is on Thursday 28 April. It will focus on the legal implementation of limited risk arrangements in transfer pricing, including:

  • What are limited risk arrangements?
  • What is required for alignment between agreements and TP policies?
  • What guidance is provided by the OECD’s 2022 Transfer Pricing Guidelines?
  • What examples of limited risk arrangements in third party transactions can we draw inspiration from?
  • How should intercompany agreements deal with target margins?
  • What commercial issues should corporates consider before they implement limited risk structures?
  • FAQs

Sessions will be held in three timezones, as usual. Click the headings to register.


Melbourne: 1500. China: 1400. Singapore: 1400. India: 1130.


BST: 1400. CET: 1500. USA Eastern Time: 0900.


Eastern Time 1500. Central Time: 1400. Mountain Time: 1300. Pacific Time: 1200.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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Article by
Paul O’Regan

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