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LCN Legal launches training seminars on intercompany agreements for in-house tax and finance professionals in large corporates

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Intercompany Agreements

24 October 2016

Intercompany agreements have long been recognised as an essential part of transfer pricing risk management. Although this aspect is often “owned” by the tax functions of large corporates, the members of those teams are often unaware of the wider implications of intercompany agreements, including enforcement and defence of intellectual property, ring-fencing liability risks, limiting directors’ exposure to personal liabilities, and corporate governance.

LCN Legal has launched a series of free seminars to educate people on the implications of intercompany agreements, and how to put them in place.

Who this training is for

These free training sessions are exclusively for tax, transfer pricing and finance professionals in large corporates which are affected by transfer pricing issues. For details of our training sessions for in-house legal counsel on transfer pricing and intercompany agreements, click here.

What participants can expect to receive

Participants in this training will receive an introduction to the practicalities of putting in place legal agreements to support a group’s transfer pricing strategy.

Each session will address the questions most commonly asked, namely:

  • What are the most common mistakes which corporates make in relation to intercompany agreements?
  • What are the most common types of intercompany agreement?
  • What functions other than transfer pricing do intercompany agreements for fulfil? (Or, put another way, who else may demand to see copies of intercompany agreements, other than tax inspectors?)
  • What options are there as regards the format of intercompany agreements?
  • How detailed should intercompany agreements be?
  • How should we manage the signature of intercompany agreements?
  • What ongoing processes and systems will need to be in place?
  • Where should corporates start in a project to create or update appropriate intercompany agreements?

Testimonials for other LCN Legal training events

[bq type="simple" author="Head of Tax" company="FTSE 100 Group"]"I found it refreshing to go through the technical challenges and best practice on unwinding entities, including project managing the process, with some highly skilled and experienced in- house tax and legal experts.”[/bq]

[bq type="simple" author="Director of Group Legal" company="Listed Insurance Group"]"That was the clearest explanation of Aveling Barford I’ve heard for a long time!”[/bq]

[bq type="simple" author="International Tax Manager" company="FTSE listed household name aviation group"]"Wonderful to attend and share experiences.”[/bq]

[bq type="simple" author="Head of Internal Audit" company="FTSE 10o property group"]"Very enjoyable and informative session!”[/bq]

Times and dates

The seminars will be held by telephone conference on dates to be announced.

Each seminar will run for approximately 50 minutes. Each session will have no more than 5 delegates, to allow participants to ask their own questions at the end.

How to reserve your place

To request a place on one of these seminars, please contact Sonia Polden by email at sonia.polden@lcnlegal.com or by telephone on +44 20 3286 8868. Places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Article by
Paul Sutton
LCN Legal Co-Founder

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