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We are growing, and we would love to talk to people who want to help us create something special.

We’re looking for experienced, qualified lawyers and legal executives who want to be productive, and who want to work from home.

What we do

Our main purpose is to provide legal services so that our clients have peace of mind and the experience of being in safe hands. We don’t just give you legal advice. We use our knowledge and connections to get your project done as effectively as possible.

We also exist to give our team a great quality of life, the satisfaction of being productive and the ability to work from any location.

Flexible working

One of the benefits that we provide is the ability to work flexibly.That flexibility includes the number of core hours you commit to, and how those hours are distributed. For example, if you want to work from 9.30 to 4 every day, that’s fine with us.

As a firm, we have standards about things such as how quickly calls are returned and how quickly emails are responded to. (This applies to both internal and external communications.) As long as your core working hours allow you to meet those standards and they also work for the team as a whole, then they are likely to be acceptable for the firm. We think this is likely to involve a minimum of 25 hours a week, so as to allow for the basics such as CPD and keeping in touch with your team.

The flexibility also relates to location – meaning that you can work from home or other locations. The main requirement is that you have a good broadband connection and mobile phone signal.

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