Is The Best You Can Do, All You Can Do?

Here’s a little of the wonderful Jim Rohn for you on this Monday morning:

“I’ve got a good question for you: Is the best you can do, all you can do? And the answer’s no, strangely enough. If we all fell on the floor right now and did as many pushups as we possibly could, and let’s say for some reason you haven’t been into push-ups lately. (I can’t imagine why but let’s say.) And let’s say the best you can do is 5 and you look up at the rest of us and say ‘hey 5 is the best I can do.’ We can tell by the look on your face that’s probably true, 5 is the best you can do.

Now is 5 all you can do? The answer’s no. If you rest a little you can do 5 more, and if
you rest a little you can do 5 more, and if you rest a little you can do 15 more. How did we get from 5 to 15? It’s a miracle!

And if you rest a little you can do 15, rest a little you can do 15. rest a little you can do 20.
How did you get from 5 to 20? It’s a miracle!

Did you know you can keep doing that? Do a little more, rest a little, do a little more rest a little, and finally get up to 50 pushups. Is it possible to get up to 50 pushups? Of course! How do you go from 5 to 50? It’s a miracle! How do you get a miracle going? Number one: do what you can. Number two: do the best you can. Number three: rest very little. Make rest a necessity, not an objective.”

I love this quote. I must have listened to it 100 or 200 times. For me, it’s not saying that life has to be about grinding work. It’s a reminder that we’re not static, that we all start at level zero, and that something miraculous is available to us, whenever we’re prepared to do our best.

Have a great week!

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