In this crazy and wonderful work, there are three types of people…

… in the first category, there are people who love Jim Rohn. In the second category, are the people who haven’t come across him yet. The third category is empty.

If you’re in the second category, you are in for a treat. Jim Rohn is the guy who inspired Anthony Robbins, and has this incredible mix of groundedness and inspiration. Below is a link to a short video from one of his talks about how to get become more valuable – particularly relevant for anyone who earns a salary, anyone who charges fees by the hour, and anyone else for that matter. (If you’re in the first category, I know you’ll love to hear it again.)

Here’s the link:

In true Jim Rohn style, if you enjoyed this, don’t thank me. Send an email to whoever helped you become the person you are now. If that person is no longer around, send the email to someone you love.

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