Ida Donn

Ida Donn

Ida helps Multinational Groups to put in place the Intercompany Agreements they need for their Transfer Pricing compliance. She does that by giving them access to the legal solutions at LCN Legal, the leading international legal consultancy specialising in Intercompany Agreements.

Ida has broad experience in Strategic Planning and New Business Origination in the Corporate Finance and Real Estate sectors, including over six years’ experience of working with MNEs, family offices and HNWIs worldwide.

Prior to joining LCN Legal, Ida worked as a corporate finance analyst in a corporate finance house based in London Mayfair, where she assisted in MBO, MBI advisory, fundraising and M&A transactions in Real Estate, Hospitality and Leisure sector. Ida was also appointed as the lead representative for corporate events and new business origination.

If you are a Transfer Pricing or International Tax professional, and you would like to arrange a workshop, seminar or webinar, on how to put in place effective Intercompany Agreements for Transfer Pricing compliance, please contact me and I will be delighted to arrange a session.

Ida grew up in an ambassadorial circle and in a philanthropic environment and was deeply influenced by her family who operates businesses in Steel Manufacturing, Shipping, Transportation and Logistics as well as Real Estate investments in Taiwan, Japan, China and the U.S. She believes that sustainability is the key to any success and is committed to continuing the philanthropic tradition to create positive impact by supporting infrastructure and renewable energy projects in rural areas and ultimately helping the world to become a better place.

Ida’s interests outside work: Tennis, hot yoga and healthy diet