How to start your group reorganisation project on the right foot

We’ve all been there – the group reorganisation project that seems doomed from the start. Everything feels like an uphill struggle. Deadlines get missed, the advisers and the group somehow don’t seem to speak the same language to each other. Just when you think you’re on the home straight, a new issue seems to come out of nowhere and suddenly you’re back to the drawing board.

Whereas other projects just seem to go so smoothly and effortlessly. Yes, there’s work involved, but it’s in an environment where things feel under control, and people can do what they need to do, when it’s needed.

So how do you make sure your project can be used as an example, not as a warning?

Of course, the answer is planning. It’s always tempting so say “this should be straightforward, no need to complicate things with a plan” or “I’ll use those project planning techniques on the next big project. I just want to get this one done as quickly as possible.” But really you know that’s not a good idea.

Here’s something which might help. A two-page form which you can use to kick things off. Click on the following link to download the form:

Reorganisation – Group Reorganisation Planning Form

Try it, and let us know how it goes.

Group Reorganization Planning Form

This simple form will help you kick-start your reorganisation project by capturing the planning essentials.

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