Hello from the other side

Sometimes it seems like “tax” and “legal” inhabit different worlds, speak different languages. We often come across in-house tax people in large corporates who are struggling to get the support they need from their legal colleagues. Similarly, we help in-house lawyers who have been asked by their tax colleagues to help create highly tax-sensitive structures, but are not used to interpreting transfer pricing reports.

If this applies to you, we can help. We can run internal workshops for your group, bringing tax and legal functions together to create a common understanding as to priorities. We can also provide generic template intercompany agreements, which the tax and legal functions within your group can use as a starting point to document the allocation of contractual risk, forming an essential part of your TP compliance strategy.

If you want more information, just reply to this email or contact my PA Sonia Polden at sonia.polden@lcnlegal.com to arrange an initial call.