Growth Shares Checklist

A checklist of key commercial terms when setting up growth shares for a UK company or group

This checklist is for finance, accounting, tax and legal professionals who are setting up growth shares in relation to a UK company or group.

The growth shares enable the relevant members of the management team to participate in the growth in value of the company or group, as compared to the existing value.

This checklist has been created by the team at LCN Legal, which specialises in the legal design and implementation of corporate structures. The checklist helps identify the relevant issues at an early stage, and reduces the likelihood of unexpected delays and blockages.

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I had extremely valuable assistance and advice from Paul, not only as regards general corporate law matters, but across a wide spectrum of legal aspects of SEWS-E Ltd group transfer pricing policies, implementation, inter-group agreements and legal compliance."

Martin L Kinsey, Group Tax Manager - Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems (Europe)

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