Free scoping tool for intercompany agreements

A free online tool which enables users to quickly identify the key intercompany agreements types likely to be required to support a particular group’s transfer pricing compliance.

This free tool consists of an online questionnaire which can typically be completed in less than 5 minutes, and which identifies the key types of intercompany agreement which are likely to be required to support the transfer pricing policies of the relevant group.

Users receive a report instantly in Microsoft Word format which they are free to use as they see fit.

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About LCN Legal

LCN Legal is described by the UK’s Chartered Institute of Tax as “a world leader in creating legal substance for Transfer Pricing compliance,” and the firm’s co-founder Paul Sutton is the author of the seminal book ‘Intercompany Agreements for Transfer Pricing Compliance – A Practical Guide,’ published by Law Brief Publishing.

In addition to providing hands-on legal support on legal structures for multinational groups, the firm also provides various tools and resources including its 10-module Online Course on Intercompany Agreements and its Toolkit of Template Intercompany Agreements for Transfer Pricing compliance.