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Fill up at our TP Minds West Coast ‘brainpower buffet’

Intercompany Agreements

6 December 2021

Just a few days now until our two panels at this year's TP Minds West Coast conference.

On Thursday 9th December, one of our Partners, Leiza Bladd-Symms, will lead a discussion of the Coca-Cola case and highlight the practical takeaways for tax departments of multinational groups. If you'd like a sneak preview of some of the slides, you'll find them here.

Later that day, I'll be chairing a panel discussion on 'Practical Approaches to Avoid an Intercompany Agreement Disaster'. Everyone on the panel (Adnan BegicKurt Wulfekuhler and Jason Wiegand) has said that they're willing to answer any questions that people may have. What platforms they use for managing their agreements, which transaction types they regard as highest risk, specific clauses they expect to see, how they approach working with many units across an organisation... whatever you want to know. In addition to the questions we’ve already received via this newsletter (for which many thanks), we'll be encouraging the attendees to ask questions during the session and extract as much practical information as possible.

In short, there's nearly a century of practical experience and insight contained in those three heads, and it's yours for the taking. Help yourself!

Click here to access the whole conference with a 50% discount automatically applied.

We hope you'll be able to join us.

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Article by
Paul O’Regan

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