Fast Track ICA Drafting Service

A document automation platform for creating best-in-class Intercompany Agreements for Transfer Pricing Compliance, for the most common intercompany transaction types.


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The Fast Track Intercompany Agreements Service enables users to create draft intercompany agreements for the transaction types listed below. Users complete a straight-forward online questionnaire, which collects the information required to produce an agreement of the relevant type. Prices start from GBP 1,750 per agreement, plus VAT (if applicable).

The service currently covers the following agreement types:

Business support services charged on a cost plus basis

  • For services such as central support services (including finance and accounting services, tax and legal services, HR management services, IT support services, etc.); procurement services; logistics services; marketing services; and R&D services. (Bilingual English / Chinese version also available).

Appointment of limited risk distributor or local sales entity

  • For scenarios where a ‘Principal’ (acting as entrepreneur) will appoint one or more ‘Local Sales Entities’ (or LSEs) for goods, service or services, which are remunerated on a TNMM basis.

Intellectual property licence / royalty agreement

  • For the grant of licences, and entitlement to royalties, in relation to intangible assets such as trade marks, know-how, customer or user data, software, databases, patents, copyright works, designs and other intellectual property rights.

Lead contractor / support services arrangement

  • For arrangements where different entities within a group may from time to time act as ‘lead contractor’ in the provision of services to third party clients or customers, and may subcontract other members of the group to provide support services in relation to those client or customer engagements.

Loan agreement (term loan / revolving credit facility / overdraft facility)

  • For term loans, revolving credit facilities and overdraft facilities which are unsecured, unsubordinated and for a single currency.

Loan note instrument

  • For the creation of an intercompany loan note instrument to document a controlled transaction.
    It is suitable for a scenario where the debt is in the form of loan notes which are unsecured and transferable. The tool allows for the creation of a PIK note facility where required. Not suitable for deep discount bonds.

Additional transaction types are under development and will be released when available.

Why we created this new service

Many multinational groups struggle to put in place the contemporaneous, tax-audit ready intercompany agreements they need to support their transfer pricing policies. Typically, this is due to a number of factors such as lack of time, lack of budget and lack of specialist legal expertise. The result is that those groups are exposed to unnecessary risks including:

  • inadequate TP compliance and documentation;
  • adverse TP adjustments, due to failure to legally implement their TP policies; and
  • fines and penalties.

In response to this issue, we have created a fast and cost-effective way to allow (i) transfer pricing and tax professionals to create effective intercompany agreements for their multinational clients, without giving legal advice for which they are not qualified or licenced, and (ii) in-house legal and tax teams to substantiate their transfer pricing policies by creating the intercompany agreements necessary for transfer pricing compliance.

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How the Fast Track service works

Our Fast Track Intercompany Agreements Service involves 2 simple steps:

  1. Complete the form below to access a set of simple online questionnaires that each takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete, and collects the key details of the transactions involved.
  2. We generate your tailored agreement(s) within 2 to 4 business days, based on the information you have provided. Each agreement is provided in Microsoft Word format and is fully editable.

If you are unsure about a response to any of the questions, or you need help creating multiple versions of the relevant agreement(s) for implementation across your group, please contact us directly for assistance.

The intercompany agreements(s) are provided in the English language and are governed by English law. Agreements governed by alternative governing laws, are available on request.

The price of each agreement is payable before the draft is released to you.

What functionality do Fast Track agreements provide?

Agreement functionality includes:

  • Single and multiple service recipients
  • Bilateral and multilateral agreement formats
  • Retroactive agreements (to the extent possible in accordance with OECD TP Guidelines)
  • Allocation of contractual risk between the parties
  • Ownership of IP, including in work products
  • Allocating control over delivery of services
  • Multiple cost keys
  • Multiple allocation keys
  • Payment terms and interim payments
  • Post year-end ‘true up’ and ‘true down’ provisions
  • Options for treatment of default interest

What advantages does the Fast Track service offer, compared to the standard method of drafting Intercompany Agreements?

  • Cost effective – prices start from GBP 1,750 per agreement (plus VAT if applicable)
  • Fast – drafts are available within 2-4 business days
  • Efficient – leverages the information already held by transfer pricing advisers or in-house tax teams. Avoids the time typically taken to brief lawyers who are not familiar with transfer pricing
  • Effective – agreements benefit from LCN Legal’s world-leading expertise in intercompany agreements and feedback from a global community of leading transfer pricing professionals

Specialist assistance with ICAs for more complex supply chain and pricing structures (e.g., profit splits) and corporate restructuring is available in addition to the Fast Track ICA Service.

What kinds of intercompany transactions is this service not suitable for?

The service is not suitable for transactions between unconnected parties.

For intercompany transaction types which are not covered by the fast track service, we provide bespoke legal support, often on the basis of fixed fees. Email us at for further details.


GBP1,750 (plus VAT if applicable) per agreement, payable before the draft is released to you.

How to access the Fast Track service

Complete the form below to access the relevant online questionnaire(s) for the intercompany transaction type(s).

About LCN Legal

LCN Legal is described by the UK’s Chartered Institute of Tax as “a world leader in creating legal substance for Transfer Pricing compliance”. Its co-founder, Paul Sutton, is the author of the book ‘Intercompany Agreements for Transfer Pricing Compliance – A Practical Guide,’ published by Law Brief Publishing.

The Fast Track ICA Drafting Service is created and developed by our highly knowledgeable team of senior corporate lawyers, who have real world experience of corporate and commercial transactions and a detailed understanding of transfer pricing compliance.