Document automation tools for UK corporate structures

Each of the links below takes the user to an online questionnaire, which collects the information required to produce legal documentation for projects of the relevant type. Pay-per-use pricing and subscription terms available on application. Contact us at for details.


Insertion of new UK holding company

For the creation of a suite of documents for inserting a new holding company by way of share exchange agreement. It is suitable for a scenario where:

  • the existing company is a UK private company limited by shares, with a single class of shares
  • the share capital of the existing company is fully paid up, and is not subject to any options, mortgages, charges or other encumbrances
  • the new holding company has been incorporated as a UK private limited company, with model articles
  • the new holding company has the same directors as the existing company
  • each of the shareholders on incorporation of the new holding company (subscribers) holds the same number and denomination of shares in the new holding company as she, he or it holds in the existing company.
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Solvency statement capital reduction for UK company

For the creation of a suite of legal documents for reducing a UK company’s share premium, capital redemption reserve or share capital, in each case using the solvency statement procedure. The documents created may also deal with the declaration of a cash dividend or distribution in kind, as well as the removal of the company by strike off (if desired).

It is suitable for a scenario where:

  • the relevant company is a UK private company limited by shares;
  • the company’s shares are denominated in Sterling;
  • the cash dividend (if applicable) is to be paid in Sterling;
  • all the company’s directors and shareholders consent to the proposed actions and are available to sign the relevant documents;
  • the company’s share capital is not subject to any options; and
  • there are no charges or contractual restrictions (including under the terms of loan facililties) which restrict the ability of the company or its shareholder(s) to implement the proposed actions.
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Loan agreement (term loan / revolving credit facility / overdraft facility)

For term loans, revolving credit facilities and overdraft facilities which are unsecured, unsubordinated and for a single currency.

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Loan note instrument

For the creation of an intercompany loan note instrument to document a controlled transaction.
It is suitable for a scenario where the debt is in the form of loan notes which are unsecured and transferable. The tool allows for the creation of a PIK note facility where required. Not suitable for deep discount bonds.

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Additional transaction types are under development and will be released when available.


How LCN Legal’s document automation tools work

Our document automation tools involve 2 simple steps:

  1. Use the relevant link(s) on this page to access a simple online questionnaire that takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete, and collects the key details of the transactions involved.
  2. We generate your tailored documents(s), based on the information you have provided. Each agreement is provided in Microsoft Word format and is fully editable.

The price of each document / suite of documents is payable before the drafts are released to you.