Free DAC6 preliminary assessment tool

A free online tool which enables UK ‘intermediaries’ to make a preliminary assessment as to whether a particular cross-border arrangement is likely to be reportable under DAC6.

This free tool consists of an online questionnaire which collects the relevant information regarding the ‘main benefit’ test and the applicable ‘hallmarks’, and applies the logic regarding the inter-relationship of the hallmarks and the main benefit test as prescribed by the DAC. The output is a Word document which contains a log of the responses made, as well as an executive summary of conclusions on reportability in the form of a ‘traffic light’ report.

The tool is made available for free on an ‘as is’ basis. Any use of the tool is at the user’s sole risk. No responsibility or liability is accepted on the part of LCN Legal or any other parties who have contributed to the development or hosting of this tool.

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