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Coming soon: The LCN Legal Podcast

Intercompany Agreements

20 January 2023

The LCN Legal Podcast artworkWhat topics would you like us to cover in our new podcast?

We're going to launch a podcast very soon. Our aim is to share – in a very convenient format – the sort of real-world insights that you'd get from our webinars and workshops. Like those sessions, the podcast will focus on technical topics, with clear analysis and practical guidance. We'll also feature discussions with experts from around the transfer pricing community.

Each episode will be short – about 15 to 25 minutes – so it should be easy to fit into your day. And the podcast will be entirely free, with no ads or sponsors.

Our first few episodes look at a range of topics, such as:

  • approaches for the legal implementation of target margin arrangements
  • the BlackRock case, and its implications for the documentation of intra-group financing structures
  • how to Healthcheck intercompany agreements
  • intercompany agreements for transactional profit split arrangements

But transfer pricing is clearly a huge area, so we'd be very interested to hear your suggestions too. Are there any particular issues or recent developments that you'd like us to examine, or people you'd like us to interview? If so, please do share your thoughts.

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Article by
Paul O’Regan

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