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Take advantage of our free expert resources, written by the experts at LCN Legal, based on their practical experience of working with multinational groups and their advisers across the globe. If you are interested in these areas, you may wish to bookmark this page to check back regularly for new information.

Xiaofang Sutton

The Chinese Mums in Business Club is Launched

In June 2018, I was most delighted to co-launch the Chinese Mums in Business Club (CMIBC) with my amazing Co-Founder, Sally Maier-Yip. The CMIBC is an independent networking organisation for Chinese (and culturally Chinese) mums in business, either running their own business or working in an organisation, in the UK and worldwide. Through our annual …
Paul Sutton

Who Do You Think You Are?

We all know that New Year’s resolutions don’t work. Maybe because they are generally about fixing and changing things about ourselves … and resisting some aspect of the way things are right now. The key question is: who are we being? In other words, what aspects of ourselves do we want to experience in 2018? Two people could carry out almost identical …
Paul Sutton

Can you work from a farmhouse in Bordeaux and still be productive?

This summer, we tried an experiment. We (being the Sutton family) rented a house in Bordeaux, France, and stayed there for a little over four weeks, from early July to early August. The idea was to work as usual, but to allow us (or mainly our children) to enjoy a different environment. So we filled the Volvo from floor to ceiling, and drove down from …
Paul Sutton

10 facts about LCN Legal you may not know

LCN Legal provides specialist support for corporate and investment structures. Here are 10 things about us you may not know. We use Macs (MacBook Airs, to be precise). Why? Because they look nice, and are great to carry around. We don’t have an office. Each member of our team works remotely though we meet regularly by telephone conference, online …
Paul Sutton

How to manage the tax aspects of an IPO

This article is very kindly contributed by Justin Walton, the former Head of Tax of John Laing, and now the founder of PLS. PLS provides outsourced tax leadership services to businesses needing regular access to a Head of Tax or Tax Director but without one in their business. Justin’s contact details are set out at the end of this article. It may …