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The five women who inspire me the most

7 March 2019   Xiaofang Sutton

Happy International Women’s Day everyone! Wherever you are, whoever you are (daughter, mother, sister, mother of daughters and father of daughters etc), today is not only a day to celebrate women and girls worldwide, it is a day to celebrate equality, fairness and humanity. We’ve been on the planet for a long time and women…


What Jim Rohn would say to a Mum Entrepreneur?

22 February 2019   Xiaofang Sutton

My husband and I have this habit of asking the question of what a famous successful public figure would say or do if he/she was in our situation. Last week, I was having one of those days where I was trying to finish work on time and get to the bottom of that never ending…


Two books that helped me stop being a guilty and exhausted working mother

7 November 2018   Xiaofang Sutton

It is a never ending conversation among my fellow women/mother entrepreneurs, colleagues in the professional world on the topics of “Can we women (even more strongly, mothers) have it all?” and “Do we ask too much when we want a fulfilling job we love and at the same time the family life our female instincts are…


The Chinese Mums in Business Club is Launched

22 October 2018   Xiaofang Sutton

In June 2018, I was most delighted to co-launch the Chinese Mums in Business Club (CMIBC) with my amazing Co-Founder, Sally Maier-Yip. The CMIBC is an independent networking organisation for Chinese (and culturally Chinese) mums in business, either running their own business or working in an organisation, in the UK and worldwide. Through our annual programme of…


How to be a treasurer

25 September 2018   Paul Sutton

This was remark from Coco, our just-turned-7 year old daughter: “I need a box, to treasure things in.” It made me realise that I don’t often use the word “treasure” as a noun, let alone as a verb. So here’s a Monday morning question for you, inspired by Anthony Robbins: What are your most treasured…


Dealing with franchising in TP documentation

17 September 2018   Paul Sutton

Intra-group franchising arrangements are not uncommon, and we’ve recently been helping two multinational groups with their intercompany franchise agreements. For one of those clients, we were provided with a benchmarking report produced by one of the ‘Big Four’ firms, which attempted to provide guidance as to an appropriate franchise fee. The report was curious in…


My day with the tax guns

10 September 2018   Paul Sutton

Unannounced tax audits may be a fact of corporate life – but you wouldn’t necessarily expect them to involve firearms. This is the subject of an article very kindly contributed by Ian Barron, the former Vice President and Head of Corporate Tax at American Express for the EMEA Region: “I’ve had some interesting and amusing…


Pain and gain in intra-group supplies

4 September 2018   Paul Sutton

If you’re a fan of Anthony Robbins you’ll know that he regards ‘pain’ and ‘pleasure’ (or rather, the anticipation of pain or pleasure) as keys to consciously controlling our destiny. We can actively choose to associate massive pleasure with habits or beliefs we want to install, and massive pain with habits or beliefs which do…


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