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Co-founder Paul Sutton shares some personal insights from his day-to-day work, providing a look behind the scenes at LCN Legal.

Paul Sutton

Pain and gain in intra-group supplies

If you’re a fan of Anthony Robbins you’ll know that he regards ‘pain’ and ‘pleasure’ (or rather, the anticipation of pain or pleasure) as keys to consciously controlling our destiny. We can actively choose to associate massive pleasure with habits or beliefs we want to install, and massive pain with habits or beliefs which do not serve us. …
Paul Sutton

This lady had no sympathy for transfer pricing advisers

A little earlier this Summer, Xiaofang and I attended a very lovely wedding party which was held in the oldest inhabited castle in England (apparently). I got talking to one of our fellow guests, and she very kindly asked what we do. ‘We help multinational businesses to maintain the legal structures they need to comply with international tax rules.’ …
Paul Sutton

Our top 5 pet hates when it comes to Transfer Pricing reports

We have the luxury of reading a lot of Transfer Pricing reports, including master files and local files for BEPS compliance. We’re usually reading them with a specific purpose: to understand the structure of the intercompany supplies, and translate that structure into appropriate legal agreements. However, we also get to appreciate the reports as …