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Co-founder Paul Sutton shares some personal insights from his day-to-day work, providing a look behind the scenes at LCN Legal.

Paul Sutton

Our top 5 pet hates when it comes to Transfer Pricing reports

We have the luxury of reading a lot of Transfer Pricing reports, including master files and local files for BEPS compliance. We’re usually reading them with a specific purpose: to understand the structure of the intercompany supplies, and translate that structure into appropriate legal agreements. However, we also get to appreciate the reports as …
Paul Sutton

5 things people forget when it comes to Intercompany Agreements

In honour of LCN Legal’s imminent 5th anniversary, here’s a list of 5 things people often forget when it comes to putting in place the Intercompany Agreements (ICAs) which multinational groups need for Transfer Pricing compliance: 1. Intercompany agreements (ICAs) are essentially forward-looking: they are promises to act in a certain way …
Xiaofang Sutton

The 5 inspirational quotes I am living by….

We are living in a world full of inspirational stories with people who have achieved extraordinary things. In fact, we have always been. Those great people have no limitations on sharing their wisdom with us, the rest of the world. Nowadays, with social media so integrated in our life, it has never been easier for us to have access to or exposed to …