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Take advantage of our free expert resources, written by the experts at LCN Legal, based on their practical experience of working with multinational groups and their advisers across the globe. If you are interested in these areas, you may wish to bookmark this page to check back regularly for new information.

Paul Sutton

When should I register a trade mark for my business?

Trade mark registration is not always top of the to-do list for new businesses – or for businesses new to the UK. So at what point should does it make sense to go ahead and spend the money on a trade mark application? Key questions to ask yourself From a commercial perspective, there are two key questions here: 1. How damaging would be it if someone …
Paul Sutton

New law firm LCN Legal is launched

New law firm LCN Legal is launched, with the objective to complete projects for clients quickly and efficiently as possible, giving them the legal support they need when they need it, and the knowledge that they are in good hands. The firm’s main focus areas are legal implementation of group reorganisations and corporate simplification projects, …