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Take advantage of our free expert resources, written by the experts at LCN Legal, based on their practical experience of working with multinational groups and their advisers across the globe. If you are interested in these areas, you may wish to bookmark this page to check back regularly for new information.

Market value vs Book value: invalidity risks on intra-group transfers

22 September 2013   Paul Sutton

Market value vs Book value: invalidity risks on intra-group transfers Group reorganisations often involve the transfer of assets from one company to another. The assets may be tangible or intangible assets, or they may be a debt receivable which is owed by another group company. One of the key issues from a UK company law…

Group Reorganisations

LCN Legal presents training session on Corporate Simplification

16 September 2013   Paul Sutton

Paul Sutton, Partner at law firm LCN Legal, has presented a training session for accountants on corporate simplification (also known as ‘legal entity reduction‘). The session focussed on the drivers for corporate simplification projects, as well as key lessons learned from managing similar projects.

Group Reorganisations

Using Quoted Eurobonds to address UK Witholding Tax

10 September 2013   Paul Sutton

Using Quoted Eurobonds to Address UK Withholding Tax In general, UK withholding tax becomes payable at the rate of 20% when a UK tax resident company pays interest on a loan to an overseas lender. Ordinarily, the UK borrower will not be disadvantaged because it can still benefit from a potential tax deduction for the…

Group Reorganisations

New law firm LCN Legal is launched

2 September 2013   Paul Sutton

New law firm LCN Legal is launched, with the objective to complete projects for clients quickly and efficiently as possible, giving them the legal support they need when they need it, and the knowledge that they are in good hands. The firm’s main focus areas are legal implementation of group reorganisations and corporate simplification projects,…

LCN Updates

Free Guide: Effective Intercompany Agreements for TP Compliance