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Take advantage of our free expert resources, written by the experts at LCN Legal, based on their practical experience of working with multinational groups and their advisers across the globe. If you are interested in these areas, you may wish to bookmark this page to check back regularly for new information.

Reference guide: what is an NMPI?

18 December 2013   Paul Sutton

Following the FCA’s consultation Policy Statement 13/3, the Unregulated Collective Investment Schemes And Close Substitutes Instrument 2013 took effect from 1 January 2014. The instrument prohibits FCA authorised firms from promoting “non mainstream pooled investments” (NPMIs) to retail investors, with limited exceptions. Here’s a reference guide to what is included in the definition of NMPI….


What cost savings will my corporate simplification project actually produce?

17 December 2013   Paul Sutton

This is often the first question that is asked when it is proposed to remove unnecessary legal entities from a group. In theory, the savings can be expressed as an annual, ongoing amount. On paper, this may comfortably justify the up-front costs of planning and implementing a legal entity reduction project. Various generic estimates can…

Group Reorganisations

What Is an EIS fund work & How Does It Work?

16 December 2013   Paul Sutton

This is an introduction to the legal structure of Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) funds. It’s for investment professionals who are considering setting up a new fund, and for prospective investors who want to understand the mechanics of what’s involved. Like any fund, the purpose of an EIS fund is to give investors the benefit of…


10-Point checklist for reviewing intercompany agreements

15 December 2013   Paul Sutton

This checklist contains an extract from our free guide to putting in place effective intercompany agreements for transfer pricing. To access the guide in full, click here. The checklist can be used whether you are putting in a new arrangement, or checking whether an existing intercompany agreement may need to be updated. 1. Parties –…

Group Reorganisations

Intercompany Agreements

How to start your group reorganisation project on the right foot

13 December 2013   Paul Sutton

We’ve all been there – the group reorganisation project that seems doomed from the start. Everything feels like an uphill struggle. Deadlines get missed, the advisers and the group somehow don’t seem to speak the same language to each other. Just when you think you’re on the home straight, a new issue seems to come…

Group Reorganisations

How to avoid losing assets on a legal entity reduction project

13 December 2013   Paul Sutton

If you are planning to remove dormant companies from your group, there is always a concern that the group might lose valuable assets in the process. This is because when a UK company is dissolved, any assets belonging to the company at the point of dissolution will vest in the Crown as ‘bona vacantia’ (abandoned…

Group Reorganisations

How to implement a Cross-border Merger in a group reorganisation

12 December 2013   Paul Sutton

In the context of a group reorganisation, the word “merger” can cover a range of different situations. From a legal perspective, you need to distinguish between: A “true” legal merger – where two or more legal entities cease to be distinct, assets and obligations transfer automatically to a surviving entity, and the other entity or…

Group Reorganisations

Two-page JV agreement for 50/50 start-up ventures

11 December 2013   Paul Sutton

Many start-up businesses are a joint venture between two people – and at its simplest form, there may just be an understanding between those two people that they will contribute equally to the time and resources required to get the thing going. In the frenzy of business plans and goal setting and opening bank accounts…

Group Reorganisations

Free Guide: Effective Intercompany Agreements for TP Compliance