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Paul Sutton

Two-page JV agreement for 50/50 start-up ventures

Many start-up businesses are a joint venture between two people – and at its simplest form, there may just be an understanding between those two people that they will contribute equally to the time and resources required to get the thing going. In the frenzy of business plans and goal setting and opening bank accounts and search engine optimisation, …
Paul Sutton

How should I structure a property development SPV with two shareholders?

The following is adapted from a discussion board on AccountingWeb. Question: I have a client company which comprises two directors. One owns 2/3 shares and the other the remaining 1/3 shares. The company has bought a property which potentially could be developed into residential units. The minority shareholder will be introducing 1/3 of the purchase …
Paul Sutton

When should I register a trade mark for my business?

Trade mark registration is not always top of the to-do list for new businesses – or for businesses new to the UK. So at what point should does it make sense to go ahead and spend the money on a trade mark application? Key questions to ask yourself From a commercial perspective, there are two key questions here: 1. How damaging would be it if someone …