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Paul Sutton, Founder
Former Corporate Partner at Pinsent Masons, and Former Director at KPMG’s Law Firm


Want better recovery rates, happier clients?

We’ve got the plan you need.

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We’ve all been there – the group reorganisation project that seems doomed from the start.

Everything feels like an uphill struggle. Deadlines get missed, you’re not getting clear instructions, and the members of the project team somehow don’t seem to speak the same language to each other. (And don’t even mention the lawyers, whose main objective seems to be to prove how smart they are.)

Just when you think you’re on the home straight, a new issue seems to come out of nowhere and suddenly you’re back to the drawing board … and with the prospect of an awkward conversation with the client about why your fee quote has gone out the window.

Whereas other projects just seem to go so smoothly and effortlessly. Yes, there’s work involved, but it’s in an environment where things feel under control, and people can do what they need to do, when it’s needed.

So how do you make sure your project will be used as an example of best practice, not as a warning?

Get yourself a plan

Of course, a big part of the answer is planning. It’s always tempting so say to yourself “this should be straightforward, no need to complicate things with a plan” or “I’ll use those project planning techniques on the next big project. I just want to get this one done as quickly as possible.” But really you know that’s not a good idea.

At LCN Legal, we specialise in the legal implementation of corporate and investment structures. Our team successfully implemented group reorganisation projects for Fortune 500 companies, FTSE 100 groups and SMEs. In our latest client satisfaction survey, we were rated an average of 4.94 out of 5 for speed and efficiency. You don’t get results like that with slipshod planning.


We don’t advise on tax or accounting, so we don’t compete with you. In fact, our whole business is based on the premise that we only look good if you look good. No-one wins in a disaster story.

To download your free copy of our tried-and-tested 2-page project plan, just enter your details in the form below.

The plan is based on our experience of managing group reorganisation projects with a total value of over £12 billion. It covers the basics such as:

  • Why the project is being undertaken
  • What restrictions apply
  • Who is ultimately responsible for the project
  • Who should be consulted
  • What needs to happen next

“Thanks Paul – we’ll use that.”

Director, International Financing
Major multinational media and information group

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