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Xiaofang Sutton

The LCN Interview: Sally Wang

We are delighted to feature an interview with Sally Wang who is the Founder and Director of SJW UK Property Investment Ltd which helps overseas buyers with their property purchases in the UK. She is also the author of the book “Buy Smart, what you need to know when investing in UK properties” which will be published in the UK and USA this …
Xiaofang Sutton

LCN 人物专访:汤姆 ·朱厄尔(Tom Jewell)

我们非常荣幸的采访了汤姆 ·朱厄尔。他是新成立的房产中介‘The Home Cloud’的创始人及总经理。在成立‘The Home Cloud’之前,汤姆是一名职业板球运动员,在英国萨里郡(Surrey)板球俱乐部效力了六个赛季。 你成立‘The Home Cloud’的初衷是什么? 我成立‘The Home Cloud’ …
Xiaofang Sutton

The LCN Interview: Tom Jewell

We are delighted to feature an interview with Tom Jewell, Managing Director of a new estate agency called The Home Cloud. Prior to launching The Home Cloud, Tom had six seasons as a professional cricketer with Surrey County Cricket Club. Why did you decide to set up The Home Cloud? I set up The Home Cloud in order to give people more convenience and …
Xiaofang Sutton

LCN人物访谈:布瑞特· 阿莱格里木

我们非常荣幸地采访了布瑞特·阿莱格里木(Brett Alegre-Wood)。布瑞特热衷于帮助所有人建立自己的房地产投资组合,他是“3+1计划”(The 3+1 Plan)的作者,“3+1计划”是一本关于房地产投资的书,该书获得了2010年英国非小说类人民图书奖(People’s Book Prize)。他创办了一系列成功的企业,其中包括YPC集团,该集团帮助全球投资者寻找和管理房地产投资项目。他同时还是房地产开发商Bastien …
Xiaofang Sutton

The LCN Tax Interview: Zakir Vahora

We are delighted to feature an interview with Zakir Vahora. Zakir is the Global Tax and Treasury Manager at All Saints, the fashion retailer headquartered in Spitalfields, London. Why did you get into tax? I first came across tax during my Chartered Accountancy training. I found tax to be challenging and a good tool to help save money, but for me it …
Xiaofang Sutton


对于许多海外投资者而言,购置英国住宅房产类期房的想法非常具有吸引力。如果您相信英国的房产价格会持续走高,并且想要参与该资本的长期增长,那么这一想法也同样适合您。 有一点很重要,即懂得区分“期房”(off plan)与“现房”(new build)的投资机会。“期房”意味着您决定购买的房产还尚未建好。该房产可能会在未来12个月,或更久以后才能完工。如果在此期间及其以后,房产的价格上涨了,则对您有利,因为您只需支付一笔相对较少的资金,就能受益于从现在起直至其完工这段时间内的市场增长。当然,这种安排也不乏风险,其中就包括这样一个事实:您支付的预付款无法获得担保;如果开发商将来破产了,这些预付款就会面临风险。 …