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Group Reorganisations

Intercompany Agreements

18 December 2017

This article appears in the December edition of our International Corporate Structures Newsletter.

You are asked to lead a group reorganization project. Do you ...

A) Write a comprehensive plan?

B) Call all the colleagues and advisers you know?

C) Fret about how your colleagues may be affected?

D) Spend a week in a corporate retreat to work out what to do

Your new team has lost focus and is demotivated. Do you ...

A) Call a meeting to allocate new responsibilities?

B) Take them to the park to discuss the issues?

C) Sit down with each individual, one-to-one, to talk through the problem?

D) Analyse what happened on the last reorganization you were involved in?

Your boss asks you to coach another colleague. Do you...

A) Tell them how to succeed in business and in life?

B) Phone them every day to keep their spirits up?

C) Provide a listening ear whenever they want to talk?

D) Secretly doubt whether coaching makes any difference?

The group is sending its senior managers on a retreat. Do you...

A) Go along purely to be seen to do the right thing?

B) Look forward to catching up with your colleagues?C) Make it your aim to get to know them better?D) Appreciate having some distance from your day-to-day issues?

You have a great idea which will transform the effectiveness of your group, but your boss is not interested. Do you...

A) Address her objections head on, and try to convince her?

B) Talk to everyone who she respects, and ask them to help you?

C) Put your idea on ice, because your priority is to have a good relationship with your boss?

D) Take your time to assemble more facts to support your cause?

Mostly A’s: You are a ‘Targaryen’: you are focused, results-orientated and a natural organizer. You may need to improve your listening skills.

Mostly B’s: You are a ‘Tyrell’: you love to get others on board, and to have fun with your team. You may find it difficult to focus if you have to deal with a lot of detail and facts.

Mostly C’s: You are a ‘Stark’: your main priorities are looking after your team and living up to your values. You may be quietly outgoing or even reserved.

Mostly D’s: You are a ‘Lannister’: Your cool style of leadership is characterized by calm and careful planning. You may find it difficult to accept others’ ideas.

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Article by
Paul Sutton
LCN Legal Co-Founder

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