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Actual video footage of me, about to do some DIY in the home


19 February 2018

Here’s some actual video footage of me, about to do some DIY in the home.

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Everybody has things that they are hesitating over. The sponsoring thought for hesitation is fear. In my case, my fear about DIY is usually one or more of the following: fear that I’ll take something apart and not be able to put it back together, fear that the job will turn out to be a lot more complicated than I expected, fear that I’ll get to a point half way through, and have no idea what I’m doing, and fear that I’ll totally mess it up. In fact, based on my track record, these fears are extremely well founded, and I’m far better off confidently taking out my phone straight away, and calling a handyman.

Hesitation is not a bad thing. As Tony Robbins would say, it’s just an ‘action signal’ – a message that you need to change either your perception of the situation, or how you are responding to it. The meaning of the action signal of ‘hesitation’ is similar to overload or overwhelm; it’s a message that you need to re-evaluate what is most important to you, create and prioritise your action list, and take the first one on your list and do something about it.

One of the most common types of enquiry we receive is from people who want to create a new property-related venture, which involves one or more properties / projects, as well as co-ordinating finance from third parties. They are unsure about how to structure the arrangements, and what order to do things in. They are worried about damaging their reputation with prospective investors, and ‘missing out’ if they do not protect their best interests. Often, the most valuable thing that we provide is clarity on what kind of structure might meet their needs, and what steps need to be taken to turn that into a reality. If you would like help with your project, email us at info@lcnlegal.com or call us on 020 3286 8868 to arrange a consultation.

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Article by
Paul Sutton
LCN Legal Co-Founder

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